About us

We Accurate Filtration take this pleasure to introduce ourselves We take this pleasure to introduce ourselves to you, We, Accurate one of the largest manufacturers of on line oil filtration equipment’s for industrial applications. The relevant products that we manufacture and supply for the power plant industry


1. Turbine Oil Filtration (Combo System)* : Our combo system helps to remove as well as solid particulate from the oil to the tune of 1micron and below (NAS 6) without any disturbance in working of your system. It can remove moisture dirt, sludge particles with much faster efficiency than Electrostatic and keep your systems healthy ( We do supply customised products).

2. Electrostatic oil purifier/cleaner (EOP/ELC*) for removal of suspended impurities to an extent of 1 micron and below thereby maintaining oil purity at NAS 6 & better at all times. These units also help in removing the oxidation products also known as sludge from oil systems. This is besides the removal of dirt particles which get accumulated over a period of time.

3. Low Vacuum Dehydrators (LVDH)* for removal of free as well as emulsified moisture from oil systems. A centrifuge cannot remove the emulsified moisture due to its inherent limitations.

4. We also manufacture customised filter elements as per sample or drawing provided by customer and supply of collector set for Electrostatic Oil Cleaning machine

5. We also do on site oil filtration servicing work on per ltr basis and we do offer filtration system for filtration of Gear Box oil up to grade 360 CST.